doTERRA Enrolment Kits


You can buy the oils at retail prices, but most people become a wholesale customer as it gives you 25% OFF prices (ALL THE TIME) and you can just pop online whenever you want to re-order. Please note with this membership there is absolutely no obligation to buy again, resell or anything like that!

With the wholesale customer option you have 2 choices
1) Pay the $35 membership fee and select your oils or
2) Get one of the starter kits and the membership fee is waived!

My two fave starter kits are:
Essential Collection comes in a smaller 5ml size and is a little more budget friendly (its the one I started out with) for only $174 and the diffuser can be added for $58, if you need one.
Home Essentials Kit which has the 10 starter oils in full 15ml size (except Ice Blue which is 5ml) plus a diffuser for $330!

All my new members get an welcome pack sent from me as well with recipes, resources and goodies including a Wild Orange to start you on your journey.

Head to my website:
Select Join + Save
Choose your Country
Select Local (OTG) order
Select Wholesale Customer
Enter Your Details
IMPORTANT: Please make sure under Enroller ID it has 5244123 (Essentialoilyness)

Select "Essential Collection Smart n Sassy $174" OR "Home Essential Kit $330" OR any of the other Enrollment Kits.

If you prefer not to get a kit and select your own oils you can select the $35 membership fee and just add whatever you want in the additional items

Optional items you may want to add to your order: Fractionated Coconut Oil $16.50 for making rollers and diluting your oils (I highly recommend this).

Enter Your Payment Details
I will then be in touch to send you your special welcome pack with information + special goodies

* This membership gives you 25% off retail on purchases but no obligation to order or resell